About us
About worth-capital.org
worth-capital.org is an independent global partnership focused solely on short and long-term investment ine-currencies, forex market and grown companies.Funds advised by worth-capital.org typically invest in large crypto currencies like bitcoin and also in large companies across two global sectors : Tech & Telco, Healthcare. Releasing potential is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it's identifying potential investments, growing our portfolio companies or realising their value at the right time, our strategy is geared to releasing potential.Throughout over 5 years since the raising of the first fund, worth-capital.org company has successfully invested across allinvestment stages, and through several complete economic cycles.
Our Manage Team
Matthew Cushen
Paul Soanes
Haley Etherington
The firm was born is 2014, but 2015 is the year when the firm started to specialise in specific sectors and to focus on driving growth.worth-capital.org key competitive advantage today is based on the firm’s deep sector and sub-sector knowledge, combined with its extensive global reach.Our expertise and global footprint enables to provide extremely high profits for every our customer.The company currently has a global network of 3 offices in two continents (Europe and Asia)London/ Hamburg and Hong Kong. In early 2019 we employs over 170 people.More then 140 of them are expert traders.At the end of 2018 we generated combined revenues of over 41 million EURO's.For comparison, in July 2019, we generated combined revenues of 54 million EURO's.

First of all please read and understand who we are and what we provide. 'It could be your chance, it could be time time to change something in your financial life.